The Creative Center will be in the city of Weilerswist, which is southeast of Cologne, Germany. The property was purchased in 2009 and is approximately 8,600ft². It’s original construction consisted of old buildings such as an old barn, a house with two levels, and storage spaces surrounding a yard. In order to comply with building regulations the old barn was torn down. The new barn, as the main building of the center, will be reconstructed using a similar structure from the old barn in order to keep some of its original character. The rest of the buildings need reconstruction work and will be used as multi-purpose rooms, offices, and an apartment for staff. The middle courtyard and the yard in the back of the barn will be used for sporting activities and leisure. The inside of the barn will have rooms which will be set up for learning, training, and the development of creative abilities.

The City of Weilerswist, where the first Creative Center will be built, has a population of around 17,000 people. Possibilities and attractions for children and teens are provided by the city, church, and sports clubs. Many of these are only available once or twice a week for a few hours so there is definitely a need for a place to be open throughout the day and in the evenings.