In a 1968 survey for NASA, George Land discovered that 98% of five year olds have a high potential for inventions and creativity. This potential drastically shrinks to 2% when people reach thirty years of age. It appears to be the norm of human civilization that the potential for inventions and creativity is reduced with age. This also means that the ability to dream begins at a young age and many dreams are most likely left behind while becoming an adult.

With this in mind, it seems necessary to identify and develop creativity at a young age, in order to fully discover people’s hidden talents and abilities. The identification, development, and training of the unique abilities and talents of the current and next generations will be found in the Creative Center. Believing in the gifts and talents of children and teens will be reflected in providing an environment which will help them identify their creative abilities and provide an outlet for expression.

In order to provide an exceptional program, two things are necessary. Firstly, people need to see that love, honesty, and integrity are core values of the Creative Center and that the center is a place where these values are demonstrated. Secondly, the Creative Center wants to invest in people, not only in children and teens, but also in their families. For the Creative Center, investing in people means sharing in their unique dreams and goals and equipping them so that the growth of their character is possible and their dreams and goals can become reality. There will be various departments where gifts and talents can be developed, trained, and tested and the learning that takes place in these departments will not only help to develop their creativity, but will also give them the tools to face daily life challenges.


The departments will be as follows:

·        Music Department ·        Online Department
·        Drama Department ·        Art Department
·        Dance Department ·        Event Department
·        Sport Department ·        Life Department
·        Video and Audio Production Department


The Creative Center in its aims and goals are compliant with the Child and Youth Service Act already in place by the German Government. This Child and Youth Welfare Act lays the foundation for government approved Child and Youth Services and the Creative Center will be a trustful partner of the existing local youth work already being done by the city and other organizations. The Creative Center will be under a registered association and meet all legal requirements. This association has the task of financial resources, building supervision, and staff recruitment.