The Creative Center

Have you ever encountered a child who was excited about what he or she wanted to do or be when they grew up? What were your first thoughts and what did you say to that child? Most likely the child had unrealistic expectations of what he or she needed to do in order to achieve their dream career and you were not sure what to say without discouraging them. In a situation where you were able to realize their dream with them, what did you say to them and why did you feel that it would be possible for them to achieve their goal?

Our Vision: To provide the next generation of adolescents with a positive sense of direction and the possibility for personal development and creativity.

Our Approach:

Creativity exists in every human being and has no limitations. It is not confound to certain personalities and traits and there is no such thing as good or bad creativity.

Creativity is encouraged in adolescents by providing the right atmosphere and the possibilities to discover their interests. It is also important that the people around them take their interests seriously and encourage them to put their creativity into action.

The guiding principles of the Creative Center involve the idea that; each individual has gifts and strengths that are unique and, regardless of their cultural or religious background, each and every person is valuable.

We believe that adolescents have a huge potential for personal growth, but in order for us to encourage this growth they need time, patience and encouragement. We also believe that it is important to partner with their parents considering they play a major role in their child´s development.

Children and teens need stability while growing up and especially today, considering society and the economy are changing so rapidly. They need parents and adults who support them, listen to them, and teach them valuable life skills.

“Children – rich or poor – are the greatest treasure of our society. Our society needs to realize this before it is too late. Children need to feel welcomed in our society.”
(Bernd Siggelkow founder of Germany´s ARCHE.

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